RubyConf Jakarta 2017

RubyConf Jakarta 2017

To know programming language is half of the battle for graduates to dive into IT industry. Usually Computer Science students needs to seek the knowledge by themselves. This is where Ruby programming language conference play their most important roles:


  • To introduce Ruby programming language itself
  • To know the current state of Ruby in the IT industry
  • To network with companies that uses Ruby in their core operation
  • To network with Ruby developers in Indonesia


Why Ruby?


Ruby is an open source programming language with pure OOP. It is human-centered language with beautiful and elegant syntax. This makes Ruby really easy to learn. The aim of Ruby is for developer happiness and boost their productivity.


Ruby is well known by their adoption to big startup companies like Github, Airbnb, and Shopify. While in Indonesia, you already know Bukalapak, Go-jek, Midtrans, Cookpad and Quipper.


And also because there is Ruby on Rails framework. It can generates a functioning website in the count of minutes. One of the reason why startup companies are really productive.


About RubyConf Jakarta 2017


This is the first open source programming language conference. It is held by programmer’s non-profit association called Perkodi (Pengrajin Kode Indonesia) with id-ruby (Indonesia Ruby) community.


The conference will be held in 2 days at October 6th and 7th. Inviting 4 well known keynote speakers including Yukihiro Matsumoto (via video keynote), the creator of Ruby language. The conference also chosen 10 speakers and 5 lightning talk speakers from submitted proposals.


More information about RubyConf Jakarta schedules and venue can be accessed in:

Tickets can be purchased via Bukalapak in:


Special rate for students (Rp 150.000)


RubyConf ID give great discounts to students by submitting the following form:


Digital attendance certificate


Certificate for your attendance can be requested in PDF format and delivered to your email. Please look for the committee at the end of the event to state your name and email address.

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